Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG
* EBITDA and EBIT up to EUR 14.8 million and EUR 12.1 million (+ 31 % and + 53 %) respectively * Profit for the year: EUR 2.4 million * Increased focus on office property requires change to fair value ... [next]
conwert Immobilien Invest SE
conwert Immobilien Invest SE (conwert), listed on the Austrian ATX, announces that the Administrative Board has elected Kerstin Gelbmann as its new Chair, effective immediately. Alexander Tavakoli wil ... [next]
Sunways AG
23 April 2014 - On 21 March 2014 the Konstanz local court instituted preliminary insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of Sunways AG (SWW:GR, SWWG.DE, ISIN DE0007332207) with registered office ... [next]
Thu, 04.24.2014
04.24.2014 08:00 AM Warimpex records positive result for 2013
Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG: adhoc (AT)
04.23.2014 06:45 PM conwert appoints Kerstin Gelbmann as new Chair of Administrative Board
conwert Immobilien Invest SE: adhoc (AT)
04.23.2014 01:30 PM Purchase offer for the solar inverter business
Sunways AG: adhoc (DE)
04.22.2014 04:50 PM Announcement according to § 93 para 2 Austrian Stock Exchange Act
Pankl Racing Systems AG: holding (AT)
04.18.2014 11:25 AM Announcement according to § 93 para 2 Austrian Stock Exchange Act
Unternehmens Invest AG: holding (AT)
04.18.2014 10:00 AM Convocation for the Annual General Meeting
Erste Group Bank AG: invitation SM (AT)
04.18.2014 09:00 AM Wienerberger consolidates ANC Private
Wienerberger AG: business news
04.18.2014 08:00 AM Invitation to the 145th Annual General Meeting
Wienerberger AG: invitation SM (AT)
04.17.2014 06:10 PM Preliminary announcement: Annual Report 2013, Financial Reports Q1 - Q3 2014
Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) Ltd.: financial report (DE)
04.17.2014 11:10 AM Successful March 2014
04.17.2014 08:00 AM Bene announces preliminary results for 2013/14
BENE AG: adhoc (AT)
04.16.2014 05:30 PM ATB Group presents results for the 2013 financial year
ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG: adhoc (AT)
04.16.2014 09:45 AM issue of another tranche of bonds
Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG: new emission (AT)
04.15.2014 02:30 PM Annual Financial Report 2013
conwert Immobilien Invest SE: yearly financial report (AT)
04.14.2014 10:40 AM Change in Wienerberger's Shareholder Structure
Wienerberger AG: holding (AT)
04.14.2014 10:10 AM Change in Wienerberger's Shareholder Structure
Wienerberger AG: holding (AT)
04.11.2014 07:00 PM Invitation to the 14th Annual General Meeting
04.10.2014 06:10 PM Sale of shareholding
Unternehmens Invest AG: adhoc (AT)
04.10.2014 07:30 AM Convocation of the 27th Ordinary General Meeting
CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: invitation SM (AT)
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