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Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Gentlemen's Equity gibt 12 Mio. frische Aktien aus
Readcrest Capital AG beschließt Kapitalerhöhung mit Bezugsrecht aus genehmigtem Kapital
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Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Aussetzung des Handels Dritter Markt an der Wiener Börse
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BWT AG: WAB Privatstiftung request for squeeze-out at BWT

Mondsee (pta016/14.04.2017/15:30) - Today, WAB Privatstiftung submitted a request pursuant to section 1 et seqq of the Austrian Squeeze-out Act (Gesellschafterausschlussgesetz - GesAusG) to BWT Aktiengesellschaft that the General Meeting shall resolve to transfer the shares of the other shareholders of BWT Aktiengesellschaft to WAB Privatstiftung against payment of an appropriate consideration (squeeze-out).

The squeeze-out shall be resolved upon at the next Annual General Meeting. BWT Aktiengesellschaft will evaluate the request and initiate the steps required for the squeeze-out.

If the squeeze-out is resolved, the Vienna Stock Exchange AG is expected to revoke the admission of BWT for trading at the Vienna Stock Exchange (delisting) following the registration of the potential squeeze-out.

ISIN: AT0000737705

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About BWT
The Best Water Technology Group is Europe's leading water technology company. BWT's 3,300 employees work to provide clients in private households, industries, commerce, hotels and municipalities with innovative, economic and ecological water treatment and technologies that ensure the highest standards of safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water. BWT offers modern treatment systems and services for drinking water, pharmaceutical and process water, water for heating, boilers and cooling, and water for air conditioning systems and swimming pools. BWT's R&D department uses state-of-the-art methods and the latest processes and materials to develop environmentally-friendly, cost-effective products. A crucial focus is on minimising the products' resource and energy consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.


Aussender: BWT AG
Walter-Simmer-Straße 4
5310 Mondsee
Ansprechpartner: Gerhard Speigner
Tel.: +43 6232 5011-1112
ISIN(s): AT0000737705 (share)
Börsen: official trade in Vienna
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