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MELDUNG VOM 31.08.2017 16:04
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MPH Health Care AG: Interim Report 2017

Berlin (pta042/31.08.2017/16:04) - MPH Health Care AG strengthened its activities in the health care market; Net asset value (NAV) per share and share price significantly increased compared to the previous year's period

* Increase in the net asset value of the share by 35% to EUR 4.83
* Share price rose by 46% to EUR 3.66 (compared to 30 June 2016). Valuation gap partially closed.

This year's Annual General Meeting decided to rename MPH into "MPH Health Care AG". This intends to make it even clearer that MPH acts as an investment company aiming at the development of entrepreneurial opportunities in the health care market. As in the previous year a dividend payment of Eur 0.12 / share was decided.

In the first half of 2017, MPH Health-Care AG successfully continued its growth path. Our company and our holdings were able to record a very gratifying development overall. MPH's net asset value per share rose by 35% from EUR 3.58 to EUR 4.83 compared to the previous year's period. At the end of the first half-year of 2017, the share price rose by 45.8% compared to June 30, 2016 (price on June 30, 2016: EUR 2.56 / share). This increase closed some of the remaining valuation gap to about 24%.

The company will provide the interim report for the reporting period from January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 as of today.

About MPH Health Care AG:

MPH Health Care AG was founded in November 2008. Since September 2009, the company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. MPH Health Care AG is an investment company with the strategic focus on the acquisition, construction and sale of companies. The focus of the investment is on high-growth insurance and private finance segments of the health care market. This includes both the market for special medicaments for chronic diseases and medical treatments with a high proportion of self-pay, such as, for example, In the field of beauty medicine. For all investments, the requirement of a low-cost supply - usually price leadership - is at the highest quality.


Aussender: MPH Health Care AG
Grünauer Straße 5
12557 Berlin
Ansprechpartner: Martin Gorczinski
Tel.: +49 30 8973086-60
ISIN(s): DE000A0L1H32 (share)
Börsen: free market in Dusseldorf, basic board in Frankfurt, free market in Stuttgart; open market in Berlin, Tradegate
MPH Health Care AG