Anhebung der Prognose für das Geschäftsjahr 2017
WCM AG schließt Beherrschungsvertrag mit TLG Immobilien AG: SdK beantragt Spruchverfahren
Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte von Führungskräften gem. Art. 19 MAR
Der Deutsche Mittelstandsanleihen FONDS (WKN A1W5T2) zieht Bilanz für das Geschäftsjahr 2017
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Gentlemen's Equity S.A.: Gentlemen's equity starting new capital increase

Annual General Meeting on 26 September 2017 in Lisbon
Nikola Trajanov
Nikola Trajanov
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Lisbon/Paris/Zurich (pta016/05.09.2017/12:00) - Gentlemen's Equity S.A., a listed holding company based in Portugal (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009), will hold its Annual General Meeting on 26 September 2017 in Lisbon, according to the publication of 23 August 2017. One of the main topics will be a new financing round for the subscription of fresh shares, which the company needs for its further development. The share capital of the company is thus to be increased by Eur 600,000 to Eur 3,699,909.00.

If the capital increase is assumed, a "run" on the shares of the company is to be expected. Up to 12 million new ordinary shares with a nominal value of Eur 0.05 (five cents) will be issued at a price of Eur 0.08 (eight cents). Existing shareholders and new investors can participate in this capital increase. Shareholders will enjoy preventive rights when subscribing to the new shares in proportion to the number of shares they hold. New contributions may be made in cash or in kind. In the latter case, however, a testified report by a Portuguese auditor must be submitted.

The Annual General Meeting will take place on September 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm at the Altis Grand Hotel in Rua Castilho 11, 1269-072 Lisboa, Portugal and follows this agenda:

1. Discussion and approval of the annual report and the annual balance sheet with investments for the financial year 2016;
2. decision on the use of the results;
3. Assessment of the work and discharge of the Management Board and the Controlling Committee;
4. appointing the company's committees, and, if necessary, for all open / vacant positions;
5. Increase the company's stock capital from Eur 3,099,909.00 (three million ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred nine) to Eur 3,699,909.00 (three million six hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred nine).

The annual report and the balance sheet are available from 9 am to 5 pm (except between 12 am and 2 pm) at Rua Francisco de Almeida n ° 14, 2750-163 Cascais. The Management Board of the Company is available for further information.

About Gentlemen's Equity S.A.

Gentlemen's Equity SA is a multinational investment holding company based in Lisbon, and listed on the stock exchanges Paris and ENX (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009). The company participates in internation companies in the fields of e-commerce, energy & environment, sports & entertainment as well as the luxury environment. The investment focus is on companies that operate innovative, sustainable and lucrative or face a promising market.

Gentlemen's Equity S.A.
Rua Odette de Saint Maurice, Lote 3
1200-844 Lisbon
Tel. +351 214 682 470

Representative Office Switzerland
Nikola Trajanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tel. +41 (0) 41 712 33 33


Aussender: Gentlemen's Equity S.A.
Rua Odette de Saint Maurice, Lote 3
1200-844 Lisboa
Ansprechpartner: Nikola Trajanov
Tel.: +41 (0) 41 712 33 33
ISIN(s): PTGVE1AE0009 (share)
Börsen: -
Weitere Handelsplätze: Paris, ENX
Gentlemen's Equity S.A.
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