Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
Managers' transactions announcement according to article 19 MAR
ANNOUNCEMENT OF 09.11.2017 06:00 PM
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Public disclosure of inside information according to article 17 MAR
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UBM Development AG: New Bond Issue and Exchange Offer

Wien (pta039/11.09.2017/18:00) - * New 5-year EUR 100 million bond with coupon of 3.25% p.a. (possibility to increase the volume to up to 120 million)
* Possibility to exchange the bond issued in 2014

UBM Development AG ("UBM" or "Issuer") has decided to issue a new corporate bond today with a term of five years and a coupon of 3.25% p.a. The volume of the bond amounts to up to EUR 100 million, with the possibility to increase the volume to up to EUR 120 million, the denomination per bond has been set at EUR 500.

In the course of the intended bond issue, holders of the bonds issued by UBM in the year 2014, 4.875% UBM Bond 2014-2019 (ISIN: AT0000A185Y1), denomination EUR 500, will be invited to provide offers for the exchange into the bond to be newly issued within the exchange period, in the course of which UBM intends to accept exchange offers in the extent of up to EUR 100 million. The exchange period will begin on 13 September 2017 and will end presumably on or about 2 October 2017. Holders of the bonds (ISIN: AT0000A185Y1) will receive, in the event of an exchange, for one existing bond one new bond (ratio 1:1) of the current bond issue 2017-2022 as well as an additional cash compensation amount of EUR 28.78 each per exchanged bond. The cash compensation amount is calculated as the sum of the pro rata accrued interest and of an additional amount. The accrued interest per bond amounts to EUR 6.28; the additional amount has been determined at EUR 22.50 per bond.

Following the end of the exchange offer, the bond 2017-2022 will be offered for subscription (in the remaining extent) in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg in the course of a public prospectus-based offering as well as outside of these countries selectively in the course of a private placement.
The issue price of the new bond will be 101.50% (including a selling provision of 1.5 percentage points which is to be borne by non-institutional investors; the usual discounts may be granted). The re-offer price for institutional investors will be 100.00%.

With respect to the bond issue 2017-2022, it is intended to apply for listing to trading on the second regulated market (Geregelter Freiverkehr) (Corporates Prime) of the Vienna Stock Exchange and to apply for inclusion to trading on the Open Market (Quotation Board) of Deutsche Boerse AG (Freiverkehr der Frankfurter Wertpapierboerse).

Investors bear the risk of credit-worthiness of the Issuer. A public offering of Bonds of UBM shall be conducted exclusively in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg (the "Offering") to investors resident in such countries on the basis of a prospectus prepared pursuant to CMA, which was approved by the Austrian Financial Markets Authority on 11 September 2017, published and notified to Germany and Luxembourg, including any supplements thereto (together the "Prospectus"). The Prospectus was published in electronic form on the website of the Issuer, sub-site "Investor Relations", sub-site "Bond". In connection with the Offering of the Bonds, only the information in the Prospectus are binding, the information in this publication shall not be binding. Prior to any investment decision, investors should make themselves familiar with the content of the Prospectus, in particular the references to risks, taxes and conflicts of interest, and should obtain personally advice with consideration of their individual asset and investment situation.


emitter: UBM Development AG
Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße 1
1210 Wien
contact person: Mag. Milena Ioveva
phone: +43 50-626-1763
ISIN(s): AT0000815402 (share), AT0000A185Y1 (bond), DE000A18UQM6 (bond)
stock exchanges: official trade in Vienna; scale in Frankfurt
UBM Development AG
21.11.2017 14:00
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