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CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: Frank Nickel leaves CA Immo

Andreas Quint appointed as new CEO

Vienna (pta027/01.12.2017/15:25) - 01.12.2017

Frank Nickel (58), CEO of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG (the "Company"), decided to leave the Company for health reasons, in mutual agreement with the Company with effect as of 31 December 2017 the earliest but in any event not later than 31 March 2018. The Supervisory Board expressed its gratitude and appreciation for Frank Nickels leadership and contribution to the Company's success over the last two years. Frank Nickel will continue to advise the Company as an external consultant in the future, contributing his decades of experience and wide range of contacts to ensure that CA Immo continues its successful course. His successor as CEO is Andreas Quint (57) who will join the Company, depending on the actual termination period in his current position, in any event not later than 1 April 2018.

Torsten Hollstein, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CA Immo: "With the accession of Andreas Quint, CA Immo will be run by Management Board members whose strengths comple-ment one another ideally. Andreas Quint is an experienced CEO of real estate companies and has a broad range of operational experience in the international real estate sector, while Dr. Volckens is an established expert in the fields of law, taxation, capital markets and the strategic development of real estate companies. Together they will ensure CA Immo continues its successful development."

Andreas Quint held various management positions, among others, at Jones Lang LaSalle (be-tween 2008 and 2013 initially as CEO Germany, then as CEO Corporate Finance Europa), Catella (CEO Germany) and as a partner at Ernst & Young. Currently he is Head of Corporate Finance & Portfolio Transactions at BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNPPRE) and advises clients on German and international portfolio transactions.


Aussender: CA Immobilien Anlagen AG
Mechelgasse 1
1030 Wien
Ansprechpartner: Mag. Christoph Thurnberger
Tel.: (+431) 532 59 07 504
ISIN(s): AT0000641352 (share)
Börsen: official trade in Vienna
CA Immobilien Anlagen AG
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